An overenthusiastic Home Guard!

Just before Christmas I visited the delightful All Saints Church in Waldron. I was lucky to catch the Church Administrator clearing up after a Christingle Service and he generiously, not only showed me around the church, but allowed me to climb up on to the tower via a rather narrow stone spiral staircase.  According to the church guide, if you can see the Downs from the top of the tower it means it is going to rain, and if you can’t see the Downs from the top of the tower it means it is raining! ( How welcome to see a bit a humour in a church guide!)

During the Second World War the Home Guard were told to remove all the local sign-posts in order to confuse the enemy should they invade. The Waldron Home Guard were so enthusiastic they even removed the name ‘Waldron’ from the notices in the bell-tower!  Do you know what else was removed to confuse the Germans in the Second World War?


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