I am Kevin Gordon a retired British Transport Police Officer with a life long interest in Sussex History.   I am the ‘Chronicler’ and a former trustee at Seaford Museum. I am a past Chairman of the Alfriston and Cuckmere Valley Historical Society and a committee member of the Eastbourne History Society.   I was an accredited Tour Guide for the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) for over 10 years.  I am the author of several local history books.  In 2016 I was appointed as the Honorary Historian for Seaford Town Council.

I can be contacted by email at My correspondence address is ‘Cavendish Cottage’ 6, Parsonage Road, EASTBOURNE, BN21 1JE.

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  1. Richard Bailey says:

    Is there a Quirky Lewes walk planned for Sunday 28th August 2016


  2. Charlotte Pay says:

    Hi we live on kings ave, Eastbourne. Thanks so much for the picture of the house you put through the door! I have been wondering since we moved in a few years ago what it was like before!! Much nicer!!



  3. Jacqueline Bilbe S-J says:

    re: The Sailor Girl with a Rocky History. Thank you so much for your detailed article. I am a member of the Bilbe shipbuilding family of Rotherhithe and was fascinated to read the Australian connection. My mother (Gladys Bilbe) researched the Bilbe Boats whilst in Adelaide in the 90s but was unable to discover why “The Coonatto” was so-named. Now I know!
    My Uncle William lived in Hastings and visited the wreck as it appeared in the 1980s.
    I am now curious to know where the beautiful Figurehead was carved – possibly in Rotherhithe?
    (Our son, who lives in Nashville, has “The Coonatto” tattoo-ed on his arm!!).
    Thank you so much for taking the time to research and record your findings. I


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