The Hailshamberry

My Father met my mother when he was working at Knight’s Nursery in Hailsham. He drove all over East Sussex delivering fruit vegetables and garden produce.  Knight’s Nursery actually once invented a new fruit called the Hailshamberry!

It was first grown in 1911 and was a large, almost ever-green bush with large leaves which protected the fruit – a profusion of red berries which were a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. According to the advertising, the new fruit ’caused a sensation’ when it was exhibited at the Festival of Empire Great Fruit Show held at Crystal Palace.

They seem to have been popular until the 1940s – are they still about?


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  1. Teresa Fowler says:

    Interesting. I live in Hailsham but have never head of this berry. I will ask around some of my older friends who have lived here all their lives. Even if it still survives, I wonder whether a Hailshamberry plant or fruit would look any different from loganberry, which is also a blackberry/raspberry cross.


  2. Jay says:

    I work at Ashburnham Place and recently found a plan of the kitchen garden there from the 1940s which included a bed of Hailshamberry bushes. Thanks for the article about them, I shall include the information in my history talks!


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