Kissing the Queen’s Hand

In January 1858, Queen Victoria’s oldest daughter, also called Victoria ( although her mother called her Vicky ) married Prince Frederick of Prussia. The Corporation of Seaford was so proud that they wrote a “Loyal Address” to Queen Victoria congratulating her on her daughters marriage.

The address was taken in person to Queen Victoria at St James Palace on 18th February 1858.  The deputation consisted of Mr Henry Simmons, the Bailiff (Mayor) of Seaford accompanied by Mr James Singer Turner a Jurat (Magistrate),  William Wakefield Attree (Recorder) and Francis Harding Gell, the Town Clerk.

At the Palace the men were met Sir George Grey, the Home Secretary who presented them to the Queen.  The Queen ‘graciously received the address’ and allowed the Seaford Bailiff to kiss her hand.  Thus photograph, one of the earliest showing Seaford people, shows the men in St James Palace.   The tall man is James Singer Turner, the man in the wig is Mr Attree, the man on the right is Henry Simmons.   The older man on the left is either the Town Clerk or Sir George Grey.

Seaford deputation in London 1858
Seaford deputation in London 1858

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